4 _winnebago_

Winnebago (Algonquian designation, meaning Turbid water people?) or

Ho-tcan-ga-ra (People of the parent speech), mostly on Winnebago

reservation in Nebraska, some in Wisconsin, and a few in Michigan;

composition never definitely ascertained; comprised in 1850 (according to

Schoolcraft(12)) twenty-one bands, all west of the Mississippi, viz.:

a. Little Mills' band.

b. Little Dekonie's band.

c. Maw-kuh-soonch-kaw's band.

d. Ho-pee-kaw's band.

e. Waw-kon-haw-kaw's band.

f. Baptiste's band.

g. Wee-noo-shik's band.

h. Con-a-ha-ta-kaw's band.

i. Paw-sed-ech-kaw's band.

j. Taw-nu-nuk's band.

k. Ah-hoo-zeeb-kaw's band.

l. Is-chaw-go-baw-kaw's band.

m. Watch-ha-ta-kaw's band.

n. Waw-maw-noo-kaw-kaw's band.

o. Waw-kon-chaw-zu-kaw's band.

p. Good Thunder's band.

q. Koog-ay-ray-kaw's band.

r. Black Hawk's band.

s. Little Thunder's band.

t. Naw-key-ku-kaw's band.

u. O-chin-chin-nu-kaw's band.