Designation And Mode Of Camping

The Dakota call themselves Otceti cakowin (Oceti sakowin(1)), The Seven

Fireplaces or Council-fires. This designation refers to their original

gentes, the Mdewakantonwan (Mdewakan-tonwan), Waqpekute (Wahpe-kute),

Waqpe-tonwan (Wahpetonwan), Sisitonwan (Sisitonwan), Ihank-tonwan

(Ihanktonwan), Ihank-tonwanna (Ihanktonwanna), and Titonwan (Titonwan).

They camped in two sets of concentric circles, one of four circles,

consisting probably of the Mdewakantonwan, Waqpe-kute, Waqpe-tonwan and

Sisitonwan; and the other of three circles, including the Ihanktonwan,

Ihanktonwanna, and Titonwan, as shown by the dialectal resemblances and

variations as well as by the relative positions of their former habitats.