8 _monakan_

Monakan confederacy.

A. Monakan (Country [people of?]), ? extinct.

B. Meipontsky (meaning unknown), extinct.

C. ?Mahoc (meaning unknown), extinct.

D. Nuntaneuck or Nuntaly (meaning unknown), extinct.

E. Mohetan (People of the earth?), extinct.


A. Tutelo or Ye-sanĀ“ (meaning unknown), probably extinct.

B. Saponi (meaning unk
own), probably extinct. (According to Mooney,

the Tutelo and Saponi tribes were intimately connected or identical,

and the names were used interchangeably, the former becoming more

prominent after the removal of the tribal remnant from the Carolinas

to New York.(17))

C. Occanichi (meaning unknown), probably extinct.

?Manahoac confederacy, extinct.

A. Manahoac (meaning unknown).

B. Stegarake (meaning unknown).

C. Shackakoni (meaning unknown).

D. Tauxitania (meaning unknown).

E. Ontponi (meaning unknown).

F. Tegniati (meaning unknown).

G. Whonkenti (meaning unknown).

H. Hasinninga (meaning unknown).