The Ni-u'-t'a-tci Or Missouri

This tribe, which for many years has been consolidated with the Oto, has

at least three gentes. It may have had more, but their names have not yet

been recorded. 1, Tu-nan'-p'in, Black bear; 2, Tce-xi'-ta, Eagle,

Thunderbird, etc, in four subgentes: (a) Wa-kan'-ta, Thunderbird; (b)

Qra, Eagle; (c) {~LATIN SMALL LETTER TURNED K~}re'-tan, Hawk; (d) Mo'-mi, A-people-who

eat-no-small-birds-which-have-been-killed-by-larger-ones (a recent

addition to this gens, probably from another tribe): 3, Ho-ma' or

Ho-ta'-tci, Elk.