The Hunkpapa

The name Hunkpapa (sometimes corrupted into Uncpapa, Oncpapa, etc), should

be compared with the Yanktonai name Hunkpatina; both refer to the hunkpa

or ends of a tribal circle. A Hunkpapa man in 1880 gave the following as

the names of the gentes: 1, Tcanka-oqan (Canka-ohan) Sore-backs (of

horses), not the original name. 2, Tce-oqba (Ce-ohba), in which tce (ce)

has either a vulgar meaning or is a contraction of tceya (ceya), to weep,
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and oqba (ohba), sleepy. 3, Tinazipe-citca (Tinazipe-sica), Bad-bows. 4,

Talo-nap'in (Talo-napin), Fresh-meat-necklace. 5, Kiglacka (Kiglaska),

Ties-his-own. 6, Tcegnake-okisela (Cegnake-okisela), Half-a-breechcloth.

7, Cikcitcela (Siksicela), Bad-ones-of-different-sorts. 8, Wakan (Wakan),

Mysterious. 9, Hunska-tcantojuha (Hunska-cantozuha),


The real foundation for the totemic system exists among the Dakota, as

well as among the other Siouan tribes and the Iroquois, in the names of

men often being taken from mythical animals, but, in the opinion of Dr

S.R. Riggs, the system was never carried to perfection.